Stressed About Your Next Event? These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Cool.

Posted by Madeline Hessel on 09/06/2016

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Pre-event anxiety is often due to uncertainty about the unexpected. Read on to learn how to avoid logistical nightmares, and breathe a little easier.
As an event planner, you’re expected to coordinate a million different things, and something is bound to go wrong. So what do you do when the florist messes up your arrangement, or your keynote speaker gets stuck in a traffic jam? Being able to take charge during a crisis is what makes you such a successful event planner.

Collaborate With Your Team

  1. Delegate Smaller Tasks

Delegate tasks to individuals on your team. Trust in their strengths, and enable them to make decisions within their role – and save yourself from having to spend time agonizing over small details. The key to delegating is to “trust, but verify” – entrust tasks to your team based on their strengths, but set up checkpoints to make sure the work is getting done.

  1. Set-Up Checkpoints
Our Lanyon Live team meets once a week to go over deliverables, align on smaller details and discuss upcoming tasks. Everyone collaborates within the same powerpoint document and presents what they own at the meeting. This allows us to celebrate victories – like finally getting our keynote contract signed (Check out who this year’s keynote is here!) – and to discuss obstacles as a team. And if your entire team is working together to come up with a solution, that’s just one less thing you’ll have one your mind.

Embrace The Unexpected

  1. Last Minute Changes – Work Them To Your Advantage
We know that last minute changes are among planners’ biggest stressors. Great event professionals embrace these last minute changes, and work them to their event’s advantage. Remember Dreamforce’s Dreamboat? That innovative use of hospitality space was an idea born from a lack of hotel availability in San Francisco. Pretty brilliant, huh?
  1. Always Have A “Plan B”
Let’s say your keynote gets stuck in traffic on their way to speak at your event – what other entertainment can you pull up in the program so that attendees don’t notice that your keynote is late? At last year’s Lanyon Live, our Keynote Speaker missed a flight – but our event coordinator had a backup plan. She had one of our executives (with a complete powerpoint deck) get onstage earlier and talk about the product roadmap of the latest Lanyon technology. He was able to keep our General Session audience engaged until our Keynote arrived.  Crisis – and stress – averted!  

Bring Your Event To Life With Tech

  1. Use Technology To Power Your Workflow
Event planning technology is constantly evolving and improving. We’ve got the Lanyon Smart Events Cloud® to power your entire event planning workflow – from budgeting tools to easily registering your attendees to capturing leads on the show floor and getting real-time reports and analytics.
  1. Use Technology to WOW Your Attendees
You can also use technology to add an experiential element to your event: drones, robots and wearables are popping up everywhere. And we’re bringing all of these exhibitors to you in a single place: Lanyon Live. Come join us in the LINX (Lanyon Innovation Networking Xperience) to find out more about event tech of the future.


Taking charge of your event – and any issues that arise – is what makes you such an awesome event director. Let us know how these tips helped you alleviate your event planning stress by tweeting @Lanyon.

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