5 Ways to Stay Warm in Vancouver (in January!)

Posted by Lanyon on 12/14/2015

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Packing for a week in Vancouver — Canada’s third-most rainy city — has proven to be a challenge for us Texans, who are used to a warm and (very) dry climate. We drew up a list for all of our fellow attendees who are playing the weather-guessing game, too.
  1. Expect the unexpected — pack an umbrella for random rain! Like we said, Vancouver is a rainy city (much like its Pacific Northwest pal, Seattle). Winter in Vancouver calls for lots of layers, and definitely an umbrella.   
  2. Head indoors. Check out the city’s wealth of museums and indoor attractions, like the Aquarium at Stanley Park.
  3. Embrace the cold! Robson Square has an outdoor ice skating rink that’s free! Or take a 90-minute drive north to Whistler and ski the slopes for a day.
  4. Get your heart rate up. The city of Vancouver is famous for having hundreds of miles of bicycle paths. Check out this list of their ten best trails.
  5. Go to ESPA or PCMA. Because that’s the reason you’re traveling to Vancouver, right? We’ll see you there!

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