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Posted by Lanyon on 05/28/2015

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Lanyon more than a global brand
It’s the decade for the global IT- and software-community; beyond any borders and limitations, and across all industries and business-interests. Yet, most of these players, entrepreneurs and programmers alike, are small and medium sized agencies, with little assurances or long-term guarantees to the corporate world. 

Now here is a software-player, Lanyon, long-established and sort of a ‘new-kid-on-the- block’ on the same time, that aims at serving the very large global enterprises. “Long-established” because after a series of acquisitions over the last 18 months, Lanyon is already the market-leading provider of cloud-based software for corporate meetings, events and travel. Among those now part of the Lanyon group is for example StarCite. “New-Kid-on-the-block” because the general public is not aware yet of the brand Lanyon, nor of the wide palette of services and softwares, the Dallas/Texas-headquartered company offers. 

Yet, Lanyon already serves over 100’000 hotels and a series of companies of the Fortune 100 list. Anthony Miller, Chief Marketing Officer and based at the European headquarter in London UK, aims at increasing the awareness, by making Lanyon’s success story public; for example by telling the story of satisfied clients. Accordingly, Lanyon’s website (www.lanyon.com) features countless testimonials and case studies. And about how Lanyon successfully serves Cisco, Diners Club, Ebay, McKinsey, Microsoft, Symantec, Takeda, or hotel giants such as Dolce, Loews, Omni and Starwood.

Star among Lanyon’s produce palette is ‘Smart Events Cloud’, a software solution for organizations of all sizes to manage their meetings, events and travel programs. Part of it is Lanyon Events, which offers an online tool for speaker and exhibitor management, attendee management, online communities and real-time data and insights. Lanyon Meetings is a strategic meetings management software, able to control meeting costs and to create awareness how and where to negotiate lower prices on room rates and other meeting services. The program offers automated features that simplify venue sourcing, online registration and expense reconciliation. 

Lanyon Travel on the other hand, accesses rooms and special rates from more than 100’000 hotels around the globe. An automated rate auditing technology ensures that those rates are easily bookable. Lanyon Mobileis an event application engaging with attendees about data on speakers, surveys, timings, and networking opportunities. The program can analyse attendee’s behaviour and collect their live feedback. Finally, RegOnline is an easy-to-use event management software for smaller businesses. It’s an online registration and event management product that enables to plan and manage meetings and events quickly and easily, with no software to install and no set-up costs. 

Parallel to the Events Cloud palette is the product Smart Hotel Cloud, a similarly complex software, which enables hotels to generate more profitable transient and group business. Hotels can win business by connecting with Lanyon’s Fortune 500 corporate clients and major travel management, consortia and consulting intermediaries. Hoteliers can work with standardized RFPs on a cloud-based platform. 
On the same time, Lanyon also serves the corporate meeting and event planners with an extensive series of other specific software solutions. CEO David Bonnette leads the company’s overall strategy and growth and will want to make sure that more products are available to more clients in more markets. Anthony Miller on the other hand has the even more demanding job to turn the existing almost overwhelming palette of softwares, services and programs into compact formats which the market can comprehend; particularly smaller companies. One way might be to streamline the offer, particularly in Europe, and to simplify the acquisition communication. And the other way, never-the-less, is to push the Lanyon brand into the level of industry leadership, both in expertise and products.