5 Must-See Sessions @ GBTA ‘16

Posted by Timothy Mercer on 05/19/2016

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It’s that time again! GBTA Convention 2016 is just around the corner, and we can’t wait. So much has happened since last year’s convention, and we’re really looking forward to sharing our latest news with the world leaders in business travel.

For those of you attending GBTA this year – or if you’re still on the fence – here’s our list of 5 session that you absolutely must see.

1. Why is Corporate Hotel Procurement So Screwed Up?

Speakers: Steve Reynolds, tripBAM Inc.
Cicily Robinson, American Express
Cindy Heston, WellPoint
Doug Burns, Varian
Kathy Maher, Wyndham Hotel Group

The first step to a solution is identifying a problem. That’s why we’re looking forward to this sure-to-be-lively discussion from this group of distinguished travel managers and hoteliers.

From the session catalog:

“Why do we have LRA issues? How come it is so hard to audit % off BAR rates your work so hard to negotiate? Why is the RFP process so expensive and cumbersome? How come lower rates are so frequently available to the public? Not to mention the consistently poor data, squatters, etc. We'll touch on these issues and the cascading impact they all have on managing a corporate hotel program.”

At Lanyon, it’s our mission to recognize these frustrations – and to solve them through smarter travel management technology. Check out how we’re already making work easier for travel managers and hoteliers.

2. GBTA Cares Service Project

At this year’s GBTA Convention, here’s one fantastic reason to arrive early! If you’re there on Saturday, July 16, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a fun and rewarding team building exercise – while changing the life of a child in need.

From the session catalog:

“With one-in-five children in the Denver area living in poverty, a brand new bike is only a dream for many and you can help change that! Join us as we host a Bike Build & Give with Wish for Wheels in supporting their mission to provide low income children the gift of their very first bike at the 2016 GBTA Cares Service Project. Bring your sales team and clients for a day of giving back while networking with other business travel professionals. The satisfaction of working together to make a child happy is one of the best ways to achieve team unity. Fees: $50 to participate in the GBTA Cares Service Project as a direct contribution to Wishes for Wheels.”

3. Sharing is Caring? Why Some Travel Managers Aren’t So Keen on the Sharing Economy and Others Love It

Speakers: Andrew Miller, Europ Assistance USA
Brad Bonney, Airbnb
Brad Nail, Uber | Panelist
Ryan Pierce, Salesforce.com

Perhaps no topic in recent memory has proven so consistently divisive among travel managers as the sharing economy. Just bring up Airbnb in a room with 4 travel managers, and you’re likely to hear 5 different opinions.

Still, it’s impossible to deny that services like Uber and Airbnb continue to reshape the way people travel – both between cities as well as within them. That’s why we’ll be paying close attention to this continuing discussion.

From the session catalog:
“As these sharing economy companies make things easier for business travelers, the chances of you employees using these services are sure to increase, regardless of company policy. Meanwhile, the sharing economy big guns are doing all they can to gain popularity among business travelers. Both Uber and Airbnb have created services specifically aimed at corporate employers featuring dashboards for travel, expense and security managers to track employee use and tools to ensure in-policy trip compliance. Nevertheless, taking a hard no stance on shared services will likely only result in non-compliance, additional risk and unhappy employees so finding the right balance of the safety and comfort/ease of use for your travelers is key. If you're a travel manager who is on the fence about using shared services, this session is for you.”

4. 5 Things Your Hotel Booking Data is Trying to Tell You – If You’re Listening

Speakers: James Filsinger, Yapta
David Moran,Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Sharon McManus, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Steve Sitto, Tesla

Booking data and quantitative analytics have become so advanced in the last decade – so much so that the term “Big Data” no longer illustrates how very “big” the field really is. For many organizations, there’s so much data coming in from various sources that simply aligning on which data are relevant is becoming increasingly difficult.

Luckily, James Filsinger, President and CEO of Yapta, and this impressive group of panelists can shine some light on this infinitely complex subject. Join them as they discuss hotel price tracking and explain how to make it meaningful to your company's bottom line – now and in the future.

5. Your session with Lanyon!

Speaker: You

Okay, so we’re cheating a little bit. Seriously, though, if you’ve got questions about Lanyon, or feedback, or you simply want to see what we’ve been up to lately – we want to hear from you.

Reserving a time to meet with us one-on-one is easy, and it’s a great opportunity to be among the first to hear about some of the BIG things we have in store for 2016 and beyond!