5 Must-See Speakers at Lanyon Live 2015

Posted by Lanyon on 10/13/2015

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At Lanyon Live 2015, we’ve put together over two dozen breakout sessions guaranteed to educate and inspire you. Here’s a sneak preview at a few of the exciting speakers who’ll be sharing their expertise with us:

Charlotte Hammerbeck

As director of meetings technology at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Charlotte has overseen global deployments of technological solutions that power GSK’s Strategic Meetings Management program. She says she wanted to be a spy upon leaving university, but that her mother talked her out of it. Still, we’ve got no reason to believe this capable, Franco-Russian polyglot isn’t, in fact, secretly a spy.

At Lanyon Live, don’t miss Charlotte’s session, GlaxoSmithKline: An SMMP Success Story. She’s on our “watch list” — put her on yours, too!

Darren Temple

When he’s not wandering aimlessly through the vineyards of northern California, Darren enjoys office coffee at Meetings Professionals International (MPI), where he’s the Chief Business Development Officer.

With nearly 20 years at convention powerhouse Freeman Company, and another three-year stint at the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, few guests at Lanyon Live will know more about the Dallas/Fort Worth area. So be sure to check out his session, Revving the Revenue Engine: Getting the Most From Event Sponsorships, and perhaps stick around to ask him for a restaurant recommendation. He’s sure to know where to find the best wine list.

Betsy Bondurant

As President of Bondurant Consulting, Betsy Bondurant, CMM, CTE, brings her SMMP expertise to a number of Fortune 500 clients. Betsy is incredibly well-known in the strategic meetings world, both for her tenure at AMGEN and InterContinental Hotels Group — as well as her leadership roles with PCMA and GBTA.

Betsy once dreamed of being an oceanographer, which might explain her love for “The Pirates of the Caribbean” films and other things island-themed.

And if Betsy ever offers you a ride to the airport, you can count on hearing some Jimmy Buffet on the radio — though, as a few of her international clients can attest, you just might miss your flight.

Carolyn Pund

Carolyn Pund, CMP, CMM, is joining us at Lanyon Live 2015 by way of San Jose, California — where she leads the Global Meetings & Events team for Cisco Systems.

When she was a kid, Carolyn didn’t know she was destined to become a global meetings professional (what kid would?!). No, when Carolyn went off to college, she wanted to be a court stenographer. When asked why that didn’t work out, she says “I decided that transcribing four voices at a time was more noise in my life than I wanted.” Imagine her surprise when, as Cisco’s resident SMMP expert, she now “listen[s] to about 30 voices at a time!”

When Carolyn isn’t hearing voices at Cisco, she enjoys spending time with her three daughters and watching sappy, romantic movies. We also have it on very good authority that she makes a terrific Philippine adobo.

Oh, yeah. And one time she called hotel security on a member of The Rolling Stones.

Lori Greiner

We couldn’t be more excited to have the “Warm-Blooded Shark” and “Queen of QVC” presenting the keynote address at Lanyon Live 2015.

Best known for her role as a star shark on the hit entrepreneurial show Shark Tank on ABC, Lori launched her career in the 1990s when she took a single idea and turned it into a multimillion-dollar, international brand.

This October, she’ll be joining us in Dallas to share her inspiring story — along with the strategies that have led her and so many others to achieve their goals and dreams of success. And if we’re lucky, she’ll tell us some fun stories about being on Shark Tank — like the time Jimmy Kimmel came by to pitch Horse Pants.

That’s just a few of the fantastic personalities set to take the stage at Lanyon Live 2015. For more information, check out lanyon.com/lanyonlive. If you’re not registered already, it’s not too late.

Hope to see you there!