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Exhibitor And
Sponsor Management
Manage Exhibitors And Increase Revenue
A single website to easily coordinate all
touch points with your exhibitors and
Exhibitor And Sponsor Sales
Sign up exhibitors and sponsors to participate at your event
or discuss booth upgrades.
The Lanyon Smart Events Cloud™ brings
together leading technologies for event
marketing, strategic meetings management
and corporate travel. Lanyon Events (formerly
Lanyon Conference) — part of the Smart Events
Cloud™ — is the only conference management
solution designed for large, comprehensive
conferences and events.
Call For Demos
Submit proposals for demonstrations or exhibit booths
Exhibitor Task Management
Empower your exhibitors to complete tasks and
deliverables by logging into the online manual.
Our Exhibitor and Sponsor Management ofers online
tools built to accelerate sales and simplify management of
exhibitors and sponsors. This exhibitor and sponsor module
is a one-stop shop for sponsors who want integrated self-
service registration tools and booth staing.
Manage Leads
Fully integrated with event registration to search and view
attendees, create lists, and pull reports.
Manage Revenue
Track exhibitor and sponsorship sales and revenue, accept
payments, and send invoices.
The Lanyon Events Exhibitor and Sponsor Management
module ofers online tools built to accelerate sales and simplify
management of exhibitors and sponsors and is a one-stop
shop for sponsors who want integrated self-service
registration tools and booth staing.
When used together, Exhibitor and Sponsor Management Module provides a tight integrated system that helps you manage every
event aspect via a single administration. This single database (and user interface) creates a seamless experience for you and your
event participants.
Exhibitor Sign-Up Process
Make the sign-up process fast and simple for exhibitors
and sponsors. This expedites booth sales and creates an
eicient experience from start to inish. With Lanyon, your
exhibitors and sponsors create a company proile, make
user accounts for staf, accept policy agreements, select
expo package (and any applicable discounts), enter a credit
card to reserve expo space, view exhibitor hall maps, and
select their top three booth placements. Additionally, your
exhibitor manager approves exhibitors, assigns booths,
manages payments and invoices, views reports, and sends
e-mails to exhibitors.
Exhibitor Task List
Let your exhibitors to take the lead and manage their
tasks. You gain time to focus on your event. Lanyon Events
relieves booth staing tasks and manages it in a single,
self-service source (no more e-mail and Excel). There
are also rules built in the system for online registration.
Exhibitors make reservations for equipment, staf hotel
rooms, and other custom tasks. You identify diferent types
of exhibitors, review completed tasks, and view reports.
Exhibitor Lead Dashboard
Provide sponsors easy, quick access to leads and solidify
your relationship as a reliable partner. Sponsors depend on
you for a seamless experience. With Exhibitor and Sponsor
Management module, sponsors capture leads before the
event, jump-starting interactions with potential clients via
the online system. Show the value of reaching attendees,
and sponsors will see the value in partnering with your
events. Expand your chances for more sponsorship
opportunities and increased revenue.
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