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Assumptions: FTE salary of $55,000/year for those managing registration and payment processes, $60,000/year for those creating data reports.

How RegOnline Can Help You

Increase Efficiencies
Reduce time managing event payments by 85%
Reduce time spent on registration by 90%
Improve Engagement
Reduce the cost of event paper/material costs by 25%
Increase number of attendees per event by 5%
Drive Intelligence & Growth
Reduce time spent on event reporting by 60%
Reduce cost per event by 5% with improved Business Intelligence
Total Value Over 3 Years
Actual Customer Impact:
"Payments/ reconciliations reduced from 8-10 hours per event to minutes"
"Eliminated need to follow-up with 50%+ of attendees for payment at 30 minutes/attendee"
"Badge printing used to take 3-4 hours each time and now takes just minutes"
"Huge reduction in conference day and session management stress. With RegOnline there is world peace on conference day"
Actual Customer Impact:
"From 1-2 hours to send out group e-mails before to just 10 minutes now"
"Communications take just seconds now as well as saving significant amounts of paper"
"Helped improve the number of attendees by 20-25%"
"The professionalism of the system and ease of registration for attendees has helped grow attendance each year"
Actual Customer Impact:
"50% reduction in time spent on attendee management reports"
"Eliminated the need for an IT report writing resource"
"Able to reduce overall costs by 5% due to better data, especially big budget items such as food and lodging"

Your Investment vs. Your Return

Your 3-Year ROI is:
Months until investment pays back:
Overall 3-year value created:
Every $100 spent generates a return of:

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