3 Things to Avoid When Producing Your Event Promo Video

Posted by Cece Salomon-Lee

We learned 3 major lessons from creating our first event promo video in house – the one for Lanyon Live 2016. We decided to write up those lessons (and the solutions we found most helpful), to hopefully help you create your own event video! Great event videos don’t just happen. It takes the work of brilliant planners – and a little elbow grease.


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The Who’s Who of Lanyon Live Industry Speakers

Posted by Madeline Hessel on 09/13/2016

Industry Discussion with GBTA, PCMA, MPI and MMB


Stressed About Your Next Event? These Tips Will Help You Keep Your Cool.

Posted by Madeline Hessel on 09/06/2016

As an event planner, you’re expected to coordinate a million different things, and something is bound to go wrong. So what do you do when the florist messes up your arrangement, or your keynote speaker gets stuck in a traffic jam? Being able to take charge during a crisis is what makes you such a successful event planner.


Stop Worrying – Here’s How To Love The Snap-Face-Insta-Tweets

Posted by Madeline Hessel on 08/29/2016

This blog is part of a series on event marketing best practices – you should check out our posts on event websites and 5 event email tips.

The right marketing can ensure you get the largest and most relevant audience for your event – but your efforts shouldn’t stop there. You want to build a buzz around your event and get your registrants engaged and talking before, during and after the event.



R-F-P. It’s as Easy as A-B-C

Posted by Bradley Davies on 08/25/2016

This week we welcome Bradley Davies, a Business Development Consultant from our London office, to contribute his industry insights.


5 Email Marketing Tips For Events

Posted by Madeline Hessel on 08/22/2016

This blog is part of a series on event marketing best practices – we wrote another blog about event websites, and we’ve got one about social media for events coming soon. Stay tuned!


The Biggest Dangers To Your Attendees - And How To Keep Them Safe

Posted by Karen Ruby on 08/18/2016

Karen Ruby, a Customer Success Advisor at Lanyon, discusses a topic currently troubling her clients: personal & information safety at events.


What Really Awesome Event Websites Have – And You’re Missing

Posted by Madeline Hessel on 08/15/2016

Your event’s website is your biggest promotional tool – it’s the first place your audience looks for information, and where they’ll spend the most time interacting with your brand in advance of the event. We’ve got your top three questions about event websites answered.


VIDEO: Why Hotels Need Meetings & Events

Posted by Jon Stroud on 08/11/2016

While we were at GBTA Convention 2016, we got the opportunity to meet and interview some of our customers. Listen as these hoteliers discuss why GBTA is special, and how it brings everyone in the travel industry together in one place.


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