3 Things to Avoid When Producing Your Event Promo Video

Posted by Cece Salomon-Lee

We learned 3 major lessons from creating our first event promo video in house – the one for Lanyon Live 2016. We decided to write up those lessons (and the solutions we found most helpful), to hopefully help you create your own event video! Great event videos don’t just happen. It takes the work of brilliant planners – and a little elbow grease.


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Baffled by Marketing Metrics? Here’s the Top 10 Things You Should be Measuring At Your Event

Posted by Kevin Iwamoto on 04/14/2016

You know that you can use event management technology to collect data at your event – but how do you make sense of all that information? This top ten list demystifies the confusion and provides real insights for meeting organizers to consider and start gathering the metrics that will make a difference in their jobs and careers.


Event Planners Have A Tough Job – Here’s How to Make It A Little Easier

Posted by Lanyon on 03/30/2016

Using online event registration software will allow you to automate those tedious event planning tasks, like sending update emails to every single attendee. Check out this planner’s story of how she automated emails for over 450 annual events – saving herself a ton of time and effort.


Do You Bleisure?

Posted by Kevin Iwamoto on 03/23/2016

Many corporations allow and encourage bleisure trips,and have built into their travel policies verbiage that outlines the guidelines for bleisure travel – Kevin Iwamoto jumps on this trending topic and tells us what bleisure is all about.


Your Event’s Analytics – What Matters, What Doesn’t & How To Measure Them

Posted by Lanyon on 03/15/2016

Event analytics help you improve your attendees’ experience, prove ROI to your boss, and make your event more successful year after year. So, you know that you should be measuring something at your events. But what? We’ve got your answers.


Travel 2.0: Goodbye Corporate Travel Policies

Posted by Kevin Iwamoto on 03/10/2016

Is your company considering eliminating their global travel policy? Here’s a deep dive on the pros and cons, as well as the possible implications of such a risky move – from our very own “Godfather of SMMP” and travel guru, Kevin Iwamoto.


5 Tips to Become an Event Revenue Rockstar

Posted by Lanyon on 03/09/2016

We collaborated with Event Manager Blog and renowned Social Media Strategist, KiKi L’Italien, to come up with 5 tips on getting the most from your event sponsors. (Hint: Mobile event apps are key!)


Making Your Event's #hashtag Go VIRAL

Posted by Lanyon on 03/01/2016

If you’re wondering how to pick a social hashtag for your event, or how to leverage that hashtag for attendee engagement, we’ve got your answers here.


Mobile Success Story: Garrett Hospitality and Lanyon

Posted by Lanyon on 02/25/2016

Betty Garrett, owner of Garret Hospitality, was charged with planning a large health services industry company’s annual conference. The company requested that a mobile app be included at the conference and used as a tool to increase engagement among attendees.


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