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Manage relationships, not tasks. Manage the call for papers process from speaker submissions, voting and selection within a single portal. Once confirmed, give your speakers a single web application to indicate preferences, manage tasks, upload resources and materials, and monitor comments from attendees.

Call for Papers

Accept public or private proposals for presentations at your event. Your call for papers site can include different paths for different types of sessions. For example, you can gather different data for a lecture than you would for a hands-on workshop.


Enable a committee of your choosing to review proposed sessions and help decide which sessions will be offered at your event.

Speaker Resource Center

A hub where speakers and other participants (such as track owners, content reviewers and copy editors) can manage their participation in your event from a single web application.


Provide exhibitors with a single point to easily manage administrative tasks  through booth rental, interactive floor maps, sponsorship options, credit card processing, and demo requests.

Exhibitor and Sponsor Sales

Guide the exhibit owner or sponsor through the sign-up process. You can provide different sign-up options for different types of exhibitors.

Exhibitor Tasks

After signing up and being approved as an exhibitor, the exhibit owner can complete preparation tasks through the exhibitor resource center. You can require different preparation tasks for different types of exhibitors. The owners for internal demos can also complete necessary tasks in the exhibitor resource center.

Call for Demos

Accept proposals for demonstrations or exhibit booths from your own company. To submit a proposal, the submitter enters information in an online form.


Take the headache out of managing and marketing your meetings. Our Attendee Management module makes it easier to create registration forms and websites, manage lodging, and send email invitations so you can focus on what’s important — delivering an amazing experience and improving ROI while saving time and money.

Event Website

Reinforce your corporate brand with registration sites that take on the exact look and feel of your existing website.

Email Marketing

Target your communications based on demographics and registration data. You can communicate with your participants via branded and personalized invitations and reminders, and track responses, click-through and registration numbers in real-time.


Make registering people for your meetings a breeze — personalize your registration sites and autofill forms for better attendee experiences.

Hotel Booking

Automate room block management — including multiple hotels, room types, prices, roommate matching, and request options for shoulder dates and additional guest rooms. Plus, all credit card information is securely collected online, so you don’t have to worry about tracking down payments.

Meetings 1:1

Oversee one-on-one meeting schedules simply and efficiently. You can automate data from attendees and speakers to assign schedules based on priority and availability.

Travel Management

Integrate with the major online booking systems, automated passenger name record retrieval, and built-in automatic ground transport and hotel comparison reports.


Customize attendee and planner views in multiple languages with unique language templates and system instructions. Plus, you can process payments in multiple currencies.


You can create and conduct surveys of attendees. Get focused feedback on sessions or about your event in general.


Our proven Onsite module is fully integrated into Lanyon Events. Now, all of your attendee registration information, session schedules, survey responses, and exhibitor lead retrieval scans are located in one system — so you can quickly report on your attendees’ interests as individuals or analyze this data as a whole.

Check-in and Badging (NFVC, RFID, UHF)

Easily check in hundreds to thousands of attendees an hour by allowing pre-registered attendees to pick up their badges — by scanning a barcode, checking in at their hotel, or even checking in with just their name! When an attendee checks in, their badge is instantly printed. We provide support for various types of badge technologies, ranging from simple black and white paper to sophisticated, plastic RFID color badging solutions.

Fault Tolerance and Redundancy

Our onsite solutions don’t require a connection to the internet, as our solution downloads the entire data set prior to the event. This way, your event can run seamlessly even if internet connectivity is lost. We also support redundant and load balancing configurations of our check-in, badge printing and other onsite solutions.

Instant Schedule Printing

Enables you to print out an attendee’s schedule after his or her badge is scanned.

Gifts & Materials

By scanning a barcode, you can easily view a list of gifts or materials each attendee should receive. Once scanned, the system automatically records the attendee has received the items.

Lead Retrieval

Easily scan, track and follow up on sales prospects with iOS lead retrieval devices.

Session Access Control

Quickly track and control which people attend sessions by scanning an attendee’s badge, allowing you to view reports on session attendance, track educational credits and analyze attendee behavior.

Webcasting and Streaming

Expand your event reach to greater audiences with Ustream, YouTube and Livestream integrations. In addition, we offer webcasting, live streaming and capturing event content through our strategic alliance with Sonic Foundry.

Lanyon Mobile

Our mobile app can provide personalized schedules, attendee-to-attendee messaging, news alerts, social sharing and more — all in the palm of your attendees’ hands. Learn more about Lanyon Mobile.


You can track attendee behaviors, trends, interests, and touchpoints at every stage of your event journey. Deliver optimum performance throughout the event lifecycle with real-time advanced analytics and reporting tools. Centralized data provides the information you need to build a complete picture of the Attendee Journey™.

Standard Reports

Access dozens of standard report templates on attendee registration activity, check-ins, session attendance, survey responses, and spend management.

Custom Reports

With our custom report builder, create ad-hoc reports by selecting fields, filters and other criteria for the final report.

BI Reports

Leverage Business Intelligence to get an aggregated view to better identify cost savings, manage meetings compliance, and insight on your corporate meetings trends.Plus, our professional services team is available to provide consolidated dashboards and scorecards based on your organization’s specific needs.