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Every Lanyon Mobile (formerly GenieConnect) event app includes our core functionality, which ensures you’re providing the best experience for your audiences. Our leading content management system makes it easy to manage all aspects of your mobile content from set-up to delivery. 

Mobile app structure

Maximize the value of your mobile event app with a single-event, multi-event or year-round app to engage your audiences based on your organization’s needs.

Content management system

Easily manage the layout, design, artwork, functionality, content and integrations — giving you complete control over your mobile event app.

Agenda and scheduling

Ensure your attendees can access your event content, view at-a-glance schedule on desktop and mobile, and manage their personal agendas. Plus, get insights from attendees with our session feedback functionality.

Exhibitors and sponsorship

Monetize your mobile event app through sponsorship sales and by showcasing your exhibitors. Drive additional revenue by offering additional messaging credits to your sponsors and vendors.

Intelligent search

Encourage attendees to discover content based on exhibitor profiles, categories and behavior.

Local guide

Enable your attendees to navigate your event and surrounding destinations with static venue maps, session locations, lists of approved hotels, restaurants and more.
Lanyon Meetings Core Features Networking


Intelligently match your exhibitors, attendees, members and sponsors based on interests and availability. Control the number of attendee messages and meeting credits to limit spam and incentivize relevant meetings. Plus, intelligent scanning provides a fast and convenient way for people to exchange contact information via NFC or QR code.


Increase engagement among your attendees with a public or private social community before, during and after your event. Featured within your mobile event app or desktop web portal, OmniStream allows you to curate an expansive variety of content — event activity, industry news, photos, user-generated discussions and social media contributions — to drive conversations around the issues that matter most to your attendees.


Personalize messages before, during and after the event based on attendee profiles, interests and behaviors. Fine-tune your marketing efforts with metrics on open rates, response trends and message performance — to increase engagement and registrations for your event!


Gain in-depth insights and intelligence on your attendees’ interests, habits and behavior as they experience your event. With this information, you can quickly respond to trends as they happen, analyze ROI for your event, exhibitors and sponsors, and identify growth opportunities for your future events.

Devices supported

iOS, Android, Mobile web, plus the option of WindowsPhone, BB10, and Desktop Web.


Built into our mobile event technology, presentation slides, polls and session surveys are automatically pushed to all session attendees — while attendees can submit or vote for questions via their mobile device. Increase interaction between speakers and attendees, while ensuring more accurate responses.

Live polling

Smart integration of our audience response software with MS PowerPoint means all audience interaction elements are designed into the presentation ahead of the session. Polls will automatically unlock and become available for audience response at all key points — without the need for AV switching or a second moderator.

Results are displayed graphically via conventional charts or as a word cloud. This latter feature is particularly useful for brainstorming sessions, as it provides a “temperature check” for prevailing sentiment in a room.

Q&A management

Questions are submitted via the app and appear on a “league table” — attendees can either vote for a question they like or submit a new one.

Session evaluation

At the end of a session, a survey is pushed to attendees for immediate feedback — which increases the number of surveys completed and elicits more accurate responses.


Take your mobile event app to the next level. Available for iOS and Android mobile devices, Designer Layout provides organizers the flexibility to custom-design the look and feel of their mobile app. You can also use custom images in place of home screen icons, or prioritize app elements.


Attendees can easily search, find and connect with other attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to arrange meetings. For hosted buyer programs, 1:1 Meetings seamlessly manages meeting requests, agendas, meeting locations, meeting rules, meeting credits and more.
Lanyon Mobile 1to1 Meetings Automated Emails

Automated emails

Inform, remind and notify participants of every aspect of the meeting (or hosted buyer program) and their involvement. To drive interest in your program, send personalized newsletters regarding recommended matches and available times, and to schedule meetings.

Automate availability check

Reduce the amount of time managing one-on-one meetings or a hosted buyer program. Lanyon Mobile automatically checks the availability of all meeting participants, and only suggests times that work for both parties. Block out times — such as keynotes or networking events — to ensure attendees are getting the most out of your event and their meeting appointments.
Lanyon Mobile 1to1 Meetings Automate Availability Check

Meeting credits

Encourage attendees to only schedule the highest quality meetings at your event. Provide attendees with a limited number of messages or meeting credits, incentivizing them to schedule meetings that are most relevant for them.

Organizer dashboard

Get a full view of all the meetings taking place via a single dashboard. Organize meetings on behalf of your attendees or exhibitors, control how many meetings can be made, or manage meeting room capacity and limits.

Personalized agendas

Every request, appointment or change is instantly reflected in real-time to the participants’ mobile devices. This includes all the essential information — profile and social media links, company profile, and even product specifications — to make the meeting a success.


Create an onsite social center for your event! Hook up the web portal to a single monitor — or to multiple monitors located strategically throughout your event. The Event Wall encourages attendees to view and participate in the online discussion — including posts, photos and event content from your OmniStream activity, as well as messages that you and your sponsors schedule to display.



The innate desire for people to collect, compete and gain recognition is a powerful driver of behavior. Encourage particular attendee actions — while driving engagement, excitement and education at your event — with mobile gaming elements such as trophies, badges and QR scans.
Key Features: Trophies, badges, leaderboard, time-based QR scans, custom and standard games



Make it easy for your attendees to quickly find the right products, services and sessions at your next conference or tradeshow. Easily “favorite” sessions and exhibitors, zoom in and out of the map, get information on specific exhibitors, and show maps for events spanning multiple facilities. With our proprietary CAD mobile tool, we’re able to take CAD files, convert them, and render them for mobile — seamlessly working with data in our CMS.
Features include: Map zooming, multi-hall facilities, route-finding CAD tool



Deliver next-level engagement with location-based targeting and gain better insight into attendee behavior. Strategically place Bluetooth Beacons throughout your event (sessions, exhibit hall and registration deck) to trigger location- and time-based messages, reminders, sponsored messages, gaming and more to your attendees.


With Lanyon Mobile, you’ve got help at the ready. When you need it, our world-class event consultants are available to guide you through the implementation of your mobile app. They’ll help you create the engaging event experience you want and need — while providing you with the right data and insights to measure ROI for your event.

Planning & design

Plan your event app and networking solutions around how your attendees will use them!

After choosing from an array of templates, you’ll be able to define the design concepts for your mobile app icon, splash screen, homepage background, navigation bar logo and promotional banners. Ensure your exhibitors get the best possible exposure by promoting the event on your site, press releases and show previews.

Get the “look and feel” right for you and your attendees — choose from a range of existing design options or create your own custom artwork.

Our team will collaborate with you during the build and submission process with clear communication, roles and responsibilities.


Implementation and deployment

Once we've helped you lay the foundation at the consultation stage, we'll ensure that your mobile event app is built to your specifications. You’ll receive helpful guidance at every stage to learn how to build the app, with our team eventually becoming your resource for troubleshooting.

We'll help you get the right data in the right place at the right time — choosing the optimal way for “pushing” or “pulling” data from customer sources. You’ll get all data types, as well as a timely update schedule.

We offer a full team to scope, build and deliver for larger and more complex events or specialist requirements.


Customer training

Learn how to use the event app technology inside and out. We’ll create a timely training program for you and your business needs — so by the end of the delivery cycle, you'll understand every aspect of the app.

Follow the tailored training modules — covering everything from layout and navigation to networking, security and data analytics — and you'll be capable of resolving your user issues. You’ll also have the know-how to configure the solution as you want it.



To ensure the success of your mobile technology, we offer a range of additional support options — including onsite support services.

We use ITIL best practices for all support services — giving you peace of mind and providing a comprehensive offering in the areas of response, restoration and resolution.


Program success & analysis

Use event app analytics to improve your event!

With the right insights, you can respond to the ever-evolving needs of your attendees and make better decisions for your next event. Post-event consultation helps you uncover the true story of your event. We’ll look at how you can improve your service to attendees, and also how to improve your event app design, delivery methodology and increase revenues for next time.

Capture quick and accurate post-event data to uncover a wealth of information you can use to better serve your audience and maximize returns.