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5 Questions About “Free”
Event Registration Software

Is "free" really free?

We all love a great deal, an incredible discount, and the idea of getting something for free. But more often than not, when it comes to “free,” you get what you pay for. And the same goes for free event registration software. Typically, you can expect little or no support, limited features and minimal reporting. So while you may sidestep some costs now, think about the price you might pay later. Here are five questions you should consider before taking the “free” route:

Does the free event registration software support everything your event needs?

Customer support, training, attendance and ROI reporting — these are features you simply won’t find with “free” event software.

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What features and tools will you have access to?

Think through your software needs early to ensure a free option — with only a narrow set of features — won’t hinder your business and event goals.


How simple and efficient are the features and tools to use?

By having robust tools at an affordable price, you’ll have more time to spend on strategy and creating a memorable attendee experience.

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How would the free event registration software affect your paid-­for events?

You may have some free and some paid-­for events — but that doesn’t mean they should be organized separately. The benefit of keeping data in one place — especially for event planners — is that it helps provide better attendee insights and actionable data.


Will your “free” registration system display advertisements?

It’s important to consider how this communication will affect your audience and reflect your business.

Tip — With RegOnline by Lanyon, the only display registrants will see is your branding.

With affordable event registration software like RegOnline by Lanyon, you can count on a reliable system that delivers sophisticated attendee management to help you throughout all phases of the event process — without breaking the bank. Sign up now and see how RegOnline can give you more for less!