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Online Payment Processing

Money is dirty — literally! You don’t want to be carrying around huge wads of cash and check folders, do you? And it’s really not all that safe to be walking around with that kind of dough.

With RegOnline® by Lanyon, you don’t have to touch any wrinkled-­up dollar bills. Online credit card processing collects and stores your event payments online — it’s fast, secure, and keeps you liability free. Not only will you be able to accept all major credit cards, payment installations, PayPal, wire transfers and more.

Each transaction is protected by multiple layers of security, because our RegOnline software is Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level 1­-compliant. Don’t mind the fancy name — just know that we meet the security requirements for the highest tier in the industry, Visa’s exclusive club of payment processors. All of your data remains private, and payments are 100% safe from hackers.

Online payment processing also provides you with flexible payment options for your attendees. You can choose to accept partial payments, set up and track payment plans, or just collect payments at the event. This flexibility will allow you to attract a wider range of attendees. And the best part? All you need to do is click a few buttons on your dashboard to get your online credit card processing system up and running.
Here are our payment processing features:
  • Accept all major credit cards, purchase orders, checks, wire transfers and PayPal payments
  • Offer partial payments, onsite payments and payment plans
  • Use our merchant account or your own
  • Process transactions at the highest level of security in the industry
  • Improve accounting processes by generating invoices, refunds, revenue reports, and more in real-­time