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Self-­Service Event Kiosks

The first day of every event is always crazy. No matter how organized an event is, your staff will be running around solving unexpected problems.

With self-­service kiosks, walk-­ins can register and pay securely entirely on their own — freeing you and your staff up to handle those last­-minute issues. Attendees who’ve already registered can also check themselves in at these kiosks.

There’s no need for manual processing by you or your staff — so you can use that time for more pressing matters. Any type of attendee can register, pay and check in right from your convenient kiosks.

For attendees that prefer the personal touch, they can chat with you and your staff while you quickly scan the barcodes on their name badges to check them in. These barcodes also allow you to track who’s onsite, which sessions people are attending, and who didn’t show up at all. By scanning a barcode on an attendee’s name badge, you can also automatically update the person as a lead.

With all of these systems working together, your staff can focus on the things that truly require the “human touch” — and let RegOnline® by Lanyon do all of the manual work. You’ll notice fewer lines and a more efficient event overall. You’re going to look good!
Self-­service kiosks and easy check-­in tools will help you:
  • Automate the registration, payment and check­in process for walk­-in attendees
  • Scan barcodes to check in registered attendees and add them to the lead capturing system
  • Reduce lines and staffing requirements
  • Track all attendee activity online, in real­-time