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How Web Registration System Software Can Save You Time & Money

Here’s How Dairy Queen Does It

Event planners are often asked get more and more value out of their events — but on a smaller and smaller budget. Not only does this add more stress, it makes it harder to produce an event experience that will keep attendees coming back. However, with the right web registration system software, you can get a lot more out of your event budget.
For example, Dairy Queen uses web registration software to reduce the amount of manual processes their event planners handle. With RegOnline® by Lanyon, their staff counts on web registration system software to automatically process important tasks like registration, payment, data entry and accounting. Along with saving time, the software is affordable and easy to maintain — which means they can focus on putting on great events every time.

Check out just a few ways RegOnline helps Dairy Queen:

  • The RegOnline by Lanyon Professional Services team builds and manages Dairy Queen’s event registration sites
  • Online event registration and payment processing simplifies the sign-up process for attendees (as well as event planners)
  • The software collects every detail of attendee information for reporting and event badge printing
  • Housing block management tracks attendee count and availability
Take a hint from Dairy Queen and switch to an online registration software that does the work for you. And see how Dairy Queen uses RegOnline by Lanyon to create great event experiences.

RegOnline’s event management software can save you time and money on any size event — big or small. Try it today for free!