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Get the Most from Your
Transient Travel Programs
Put your hotel in front of more corporate group buyers


Save time and money searching, finding and selecting from over 100,000 hotels for your transient travel programs, engagements and projects. For corporations and consortia, this includes sending RFPs and negotiating with hotels online versus manually, a customized dashboard based on your day-to-day tasks, and the ability to ensure traveler compliance via a central hotel directory.

Transient Sourcing

Manage the entire RFP process from a central system, enabling you to compare and negotiate rates for even better cost savings on your transient travel programs.

Consortia Sourcing

With consortia, you’re managing multiple clients — each with their own set of requirements and travel needs. Easily track and manage all the tasks associated with handling multiple RFPs and hotel bid activity, and communicate with your clients from a single place. Plus, you can take advantage of your cumulative buying power to reach more hotels and grow your commissions.

Engagements & Projects Sourcing

Like your transient travel program, ensure you’re getting the same cost savings when your employees travel to a location for an extended work project. Automate your project planning and sourcing process, quickly calculate project costs and needs with an online request form, and generate reports to calculate/show/highlight savings to senior management.

Hotel Directory

Ensure your travelers choose your preferred hotels for business travel and small meetings. As soon as you accept a hotel’s bid, your negotiated room rates and amenities are automatically added to the hotel directory. Travelers simply log into the directory on your corporate intranet travel site, find hotels using powerful search options, and review results organized by negotiated rates and amenities.

Reverse Auction

Support corporate travel buyers with online auction sites, showing their expected rate types and complimentary amenities. Hotels receive auction invitation requests via email from the buyers, including details needed for participation. Invited hotels may then compete against each other, resulting in better RFPs to win your business. After the auction is closed, reporting tools show the value gained through the auction, as well as historical data to keep for the next season.


Ensure that both hotels and travelers are compliant with your travel programs. With our Rate Integrity module, eliminate the headache of manually confirming that your hard-negotiated hotel rates are accurately uploaded and available to your travelers. We make it easier to confirm your negotiated hotel rates are loaded, accurate and bookable in every global distribution system (GDS) — helping you better manage your transient travel spend.

Rate Audit

Reduce the time spent manually checking rate access codes (a corporation’s unique hotel rate code per GDS) and rate values against your corporate hotel contracts. You can automatically check that your negotiated hotel rates are loaded accurately in the GDS, audit both last room availability (LRA) and dynamic rates (chain-wide discounts), and provide detailed reporting to your stakeholders.

Rate Availability

Find differences in negotiated hotel rates due to booking and availability issues, GDS loading problems or incorrect rates.

Reverse Audit

Run an audit against your preferred list of hotels to determine if any hotels have loaded negotiated or consortia rates and have not been accepted into your program. With reverse audit, you can ensure program compliance by detecting unauthorized hotels, easily track your program with detailed reports, and resolve issues faster with integrated email notifications.


Rest assured that you’re securing the best rates and delivering value to your organization. Confidently negotiate competitive hotel rates with Lanyon Travel’s consolidated view of the market and benchmarks with our Business Intelligence module — such as comparative analysis of your bids against those received by other corporations in a specific region, standard hotel rates and amenities offered in the industry, and more.

Marketplace Intelligence

Negotiate the best hotel rates with insights from your peers and the industry. Our marketplace dashboard leverages our database of corporate accounts to benchmark your program against other corporations at the same hotel — including negotiated rates and amenity inclusions.

Rate Parity

Save even more money by comparing your negotiated hotel rates against those available on consumer and hotel brand websites. Customize which hotels, hotel rates and amenities to survey and receive regular reports via email — empowering you to ask preferred partners to match lower rates and amenities found in these reports.
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