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Streamlining Group Bookings
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Maximize your upsell revenues from group guests


Passkey for Hotels offers your group guests the convenience of web and mobile booking — and gives meeting planners the tools to manage room blocks, sub-blocks, room lists and reservations online. You can promote room upgrades, extended stays and other amenities to group guests in a highly professional and targeted manner and gain new revenue. Join the thousands of hotels, meeting planners and destinations across the globe using Lanyon Passkey to perfect their events.

Ensure Perfect Events

Family weddings, corporate events, association meetings and conferences — Lanyon Passkey provides an exceptional guest experience for any event. Hotels can create custom booking experiences for each event with ease, while online booking cuts hotel costs and reduces errors.

Maximize Group Revenues

With Lanyon Passkey, your hotel will promote and sell room upgrades, extended stays, amenities and packages. Starting at online booking and continuing with email marketing and our guest dashboard, your guest upsell opportunities begin well before check-in.

Manage Group Booking Better

Online event dashboards give planners and hotel staff live data on block pick-up, pace, room lists and other critical event information. Meanwhile, automatic emails ensure that regular, accurate reports and booking threshold alerts make events easy to manage and support.


Passkey for CVBs, MMCs and Organizations enables one-stop booking of rooms across one or many hotels — even for the most complex events. Available rooms are displayed on event websites, where bookings can be personalized by event and sub-block to provide attendees with a unique booking experience. It’s also easy to market the destination and special events. Promote, upsell and drive extended stays — and enable your customers to manage event status in real-time. All with one PCI-compliant tool.

Ensure Perfect City-wide Events

Easy online booking via event and sub-group pages lets attendees view available room upgrades, extend their stays, and explore services and destination attractions. Automatic, instant booking confirmations are highly customizable by event or attendee type — supporting the branding and marketing needs of your customers and their events.

Integrate Event Registration and Hotel Bookings

Link over 100 online event registration systems to Lanyon Passkey with our Event Connector module. Now, attendees can register for events and book hotel rooms in a seamless, one-step process — so they book their hotel rooms within the contracted block, maximizing block pick-up.

Automatically Deliver Reservations to Hotels

With Lanyon Passkey, you can directly transfer reservations to participating hotels’ CRS and PMS reservation systems — eliminating the work and errors associated with manual data transfer and re-entry. Hotels can alternatively access reservations by downloading room list files via secure login.

Empower Your Customers with Real-time Data

The live, online dashboard offers tracking and management of even the most complex events for planners, exhibitors, sub-block contacts and your hotel partners — including inventory tracking, reservation management and report generation. Automated email alerts based on key milestones also ensure that data is available when needed.


Connect your group reservations and business directly to your hotel’s most important management and reservation systems with Lanyon Passkey’s Hotel Connector module. By automating real-time updates to CRS, PMS, revenue management, distribution, sales and catering systems, you’ll eliminate manual data entry and lower commissions paid for third-party channel bookings.

Central Reservation System (CRS) Integration

Direct connectivity to major hotel brands, access commission-free direct booking, and transfer reservation data automatically via 1-Way or ResSync (2-Way) connections. There’s no installation required at the property level.

Property Management System (PMS) Integration

Enables transfer of reservations directly to PMS (1-way or 2-way), while eliminating third-party transfer fees and the need to perform updates in two systems with 2-Way ResSync 
(available for some PMS systems). Leverage advanced functionality — including travel details, add-ons, and additional reservation information, while benefiting from multi-property support or overflow hotels.

Sales & Catering/PMS/CRS Block Management Automation

Connect group bookings in Sales & Catering systems or PMS/CRS to Lanyon Passkey. Simplify group management and streamline your processes by having them automatically created and updated. You can also add meeting planner details automatically. Plus, customizable templates enable the user to make any event-specific updates and utilize final pickup numbers for reporting and analytics.

Availability, Rate and Inventory (ARI)

This integration automatically syncs inventory and supports the merchandizing of room upgrades and extended stays to group guests — based on prevailing transient rates and availability. Save time and improve yield control with automated distribution management. Generate increased incremental revenue with automated upsell offers and shoulder date bookings. Provide rate parity between Lanyon Passkey and other online channels.

Nor1 Integration

Nor1’s eStandby integrates with Lanyon Passkey to provide guests with options for upgrades that are confirmed at check-in, based on availability.

The integration of and Lanyon Passkey empowers group guests to promote hotels through their social networks. By leveraging’s sharing function, group guests become hotel advocates who build strong, trusted brand connections with their friends, relatives and colleagues around the world.


Link over 100 online event registration systems to Lanyon Passkey using Event Connector — the API integration technology that empowers guests to register and book hotel rooms in a seamless process. Now, event planners can easily increase attendance and fill hotel room blocks faster — while simplifying event registration, ensuring happier attendees and guests. Lanyon Passkey also offers enhancements for event and meeting planners — only available via RegOnline by Lanyon — to increase attendance, make event registration easier, fill hotel room blocks faster, and maximize time.

Manage Events Better

Real-time reporting in Event Connector allows event planners to track registrations against hotel bookings. Reservation data is sent to the planner’s registration system to create combined registration and reservation reports — enabling better tracking.

Higher Pick-up — Lower Attrition

With Event Connector, more event attendees book their hotel rooms within the contracted block — maximizing block pick-up for selected hotels and resulting in lower attrition exposure for meeting planners. It delivers a seamless event registration experience for guests, eliminates the need for guests to enter their information twice, and encourages attendees to book inside the block.
Lanyon Passkey Event Connector Secure Information Exchange

Secure Information Exchange

Lanyon Passkey fully supports efforts such as PCI, Open Travel Alliance (“OTA”), XML, SOAP, and APEX to standardize and secure information exchange among disparate systems.


Passkey for Meeting and Event Planners makes it simple for conference organizers and event planners to manage hotel bookings for all 
events. The event organizer at a hotel, CVB or MMC will provide you with a customized website where your attendees can book their rooms. This website can even be linked with your event registration system if desired.

Ensure Perfect Events

Weddings, corporate events, association meetings and conferences — Lanyon Passkey provides an exceptional guest experience for any event. You and your hotels can create a mobile-optimized booking page for each event — and your guests can book rooms from anywhere.

Flexible Event Management

Track group event inventory, pickup and availability — whether the event has one room type or multiple sub-blocks. Book guests through the online portal and with PCI-compliant room list uploads. No errors means more satisfied attendees!

Manage Group Bookings Better

Online event dashboards let planners and hotel staff see live data on block pick-up, pace, room lists and other critical metrics — while automatic emails remind you to stay up-to-date. Know your blocks are filled and reduce attrition risk with Lanyon Passkey.
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