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Helping You Connect with $27 Billion
in Purchasing Power
Connect with $27 Billion in corporate purchasing power


Lanyon’s RFP Management module dramatically lowers the time it takes hotel chains and properties to respond to — and manage — high-value corporate RFPs, as well as allowing for more standardized responses. Lanyon also publishes the corporate negotiated rates into hotel central reservation systems (CRSs) to minimize errors.

RFP publisher

Allows hotel chains to centrally manage corporate, consortia and government travel, engagement and project RFPs sent to their properties — while simplifying the RFP response process for the properties.

Rate publisher

Allows hotel chains to automatically load contracted rates into their hotel CRS to streamline the process and increase accuracy.

Rate manager

Allows hotel chains to apply rate recommendations from Revenue Management Systems (RMSs) to control rates offered in RFP responses from their hotels. Chains can import initial offer rates and set guidelines for rate negotiations, as well as track import history in Lanyon Transient’s cloud-based system — so properties automatically bid with the correct rates, 365 days a year.

Local accounts

Enables hotel properties to create proposals for local clients via RFP publisher, simplifying management of rates and amenities for that hotel.

Salesforce automation

Automates the delivery of RFP data from RFP publisher into (or other CRM tool).

Airline crew RFP

Allows a hotel chain to centrally create and manage airline crew RFPs for their hotels.


Ensure that your hotel receives the most corporate travel RFPs and bookings. Lanyon’s Demand Generation module will make you more visible to travel buyers and travelers — and help you stand out from your competitors. You’ll receive RFPs that otherwise wouldn’t come to you from corporations sending travelers to your area.

Channel marketing

Promotes hotel properties to Lanyon corporate buyers (RFP) and travelers (Lanyon Travel Hotel Directory) with preferred placement in searches, increased multimedia presence, and links to marketing materials and special offers.

Market leads

Enables hotel properties to receive RFPs sent to other hotels in their geographic area and submit bids — even if not directly invited by the corporation.

Business cases

Makes it easier to collect information (customizable by chain) from hotel properties by account managers — to justify a property’s inclusion in corporate RFP programs.

Proximity report

Allows hotel chains to identify corporations with local offices that are in close proximity to their hotel properties.


It’s now easier to customize and manage information about your hotel chain’s properties in the global distribution systems (GDSs) and online travel agency (OTA) websites. Lanyon’s centralized Content Management module means you only need to update your information once — in one place — and Lanyon takes care of the rest. Determine which OTA channels will receive your content, the content types they’ll receive, and your preferred scheduling for updates and deletions.

Channel publisher

Publish your descriptive hotel information to OTA websites or to the chain’s own website. Publishing can be scheduled or ad-hoc.

HOD publisher

Enables you to automatically publish your descriptive hotel information to the GDSs.


Setting up corporate travel rates and amenities for thousands of corporate customers is complex, and errors can happen easily. The Rate Integrity module in Lanyon Transient ensures that your contracted rates are correct in every global distribution system (GDS) — avoiding customer service issues and penalties when customers book rooms. You can rely on Lanyon’s fully automated services to handle proactive hotel rate assurance reviews, and to generate follow-up emails.

Availability audit

Allows a hotel chain to verify that contracted rates are available to book at a hotel property during a specific time period.

Standard audit

Allows a hotel chain to verify through the GDSs that contracted rates are loaded — and with the correct amount.

Reverse audit

Audits hotel properties to determine if any have loaded negotiated or consortia rates that have not been accepted into your customers’ programs. With reverse audit, ensure program compliance by detecting unauthorized hotels, easily track your program with detailed reports, and resolve issues faster with integrated email notifications.


Corporate transient travel is a highly competitive market. You need to ensure that you’re competitively positioned to win business, while offering the best value and optimal rates. The Business Intelligence module in Lanyon Transient helps you offer rates and amenities that are comparable to your competition and online booking sites — ensuring you have every opportunity to grow your corporate transient business.

Marketplace intelligence property insight report

A complete dashboard and report that provides a hotel property with a comparative analysis of their contracted rates and amenities against a set of their competitors.

Rate parity

Monitors specially selected consumer travel websites to compare a property’s retail rates to their negotiated corporate rates. This enables corporate buyers and hotels to work together to find the best hotel rates.


Access all Global distribution systems (GDSs) via a single license — from any computer, anywhere — using a simple interface and macros for easy GDS interaction. Ensure that your support desk operates at its best — and that all your information is up-to-date with user reporting and management. You can lower the costs of your GDS support desk — and reduce IT complexity — with Lanyon’s GDS Access.
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